How to Deal with Bad Hands in Online Rummy

Each one of us who plays rummy has some or the other time faced the unfortunate event of getting a bad hand. A bad hand is not just a difficult set of cards, it is a nightmare to the ambitious players. If you are wondering what is a bad hand, it is actually a set... Continue Reading →


13 Cards or 21 Cards Rummy Game, Which one do you prefer?

Rummy, a game which is so exciting, has so many variants and different styles of playing. These variations bring with them all the more thrill to the game and also add the value to the game. All the countries where it is played, a variant influenced by its ethnicity takes birth. The most popular variants... Continue Reading →

What is ac/dc? How to play such a game?

The world of card games is unimaginably vast and widespread. It covers multiple genres of the games with a different set of rules driving them. While some games have names similar to other popular games, others continue to make the ark of being unique in both the nomenclature and playing strategy. One such game we... Continue Reading →

Ultimate rummy winning strategies

Every card game offers an equal chance of winning and losing to all its players. This implies that when we see a player consistently winning it may not be because of the game but his own polished skills. Learning a game to the level of excellence is what makes one a spirited gamer. Playing a... Continue Reading →

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