What are the different types of rummy games?

Rummy game is a reputed game which has continued to get popularity for many decades. It is a game driven by different strategies and techniques used in varied proportions. As a game continues to be played across countries and continents, it is altered in both the content and rules. The change in the game of... Continue Reading →


To what extent is rummy skill based as opposed to luck

While most of the card games are associated more often to luck, it becomes very obvious for the players to expect it as a game driven by luck instead of skill. But is it? To play a considerably good level of the game in Rummy one needs to have a thorough understanding of the game.... Continue Reading →

Is playing rummy online legal in India?

The process of abiding by the intricacies of the legal system has always been a matter of immense perplexity, be it any country or continent. India witnessed a sense of relief when its judicial bodies, Supreme Court as well as High Court cleared the reputation of the game and hence saved Rummy from being considered... Continue Reading →

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