Top 5 Strategies Of Rummy Winners You Should Know!

If you are a novice player or have been playing rummy and not getting any success, you must be frustrated. You must think that it’s a fake set-up which is merely wasting your time. But, you need to understand that only one player wins the game. So, say if there are 6 players, the other 5 will lose, naturally. 

So, in case you are continuously losing the game, here are a few tips you can check to get some success:

Use of High-Value Cards

When you get the cards, in the first few turns, keep discarding the high-value cards. Now if your opponent takes the card, you can surely know that they have to form a sequence. But this will allow your opponent to finish the game in a few steps. But you will have minimal damage.

Reverse your moves

You can reverse your moves meaning, when your opponents expect you to discard a high-value card, you don’t. Instead, you discard a lower value card. If your opponent picks up the card, you are assured that he has a sequence. Also if your opponent discards high-value cards, you can pick up and form a sequence. This is one way to fool your opponents in classic Indian rummy.

Discard section is very important

You should always keep a look in the discard section. There are many cases where the card you have discarded has helped the opponent to win the game. You don’t want that, right. So, you should keep an eye on the discard section. Say your opponent has picked up a 5 of hearts, you should instantly know that you should not discard any value from 3-7.

Check the open joker and discard the cards near to it

If you know the open Joker, try to discard the cards near to it. Since players don’t like to make pure sequences from Joker, this strategy will force the opponents not to pick up the discarded card.

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