Top 3 Mistakes Rummy Players Make, That Decide A Win or Loss

Rummy is a game of math and skill. So, if you hated mathematics in school, you know your fate in rummy! Kidding! You can develop good skills by playing the game regularly. One important thing in rummy is to keep a check on the opponent. A lot of winning/losing happens when you can figure out what your opponent is up to. 

Here are top 3 mistakes which rummy players make:

Losing out on patience

Well, patience is a virtue of a successful man! The same applies to rummy. If you are not patient enough, you might lose out. An impulsive and reckless decision completely ruins your chances of winning any money. If you are not patient, you are out of the game. You should have patience and observe the game before making any move.

Playing every hand

Well, it is tempting to play every chance you get in rummy. Isn’t it? But does this strong temptation always work in your favor? Well, no! If you don’t have the joker and any connecting card for a sequence, there is no meaning to stay in the game. Likewise, when you get your cards, the first thing to do is to arrange the cards and decide if you want to continue or not.

Don’t know when to drop

This is also one of the top mistakes every rummy player has made at least once in their lifetime. If you are tempted to win and keep hoping that you will get either a Joker or a good card which will make your sequence, well, stop dreaming. If you are not getting good cards in the first few rounds, drop out! Simple!

The next time you play rummy, keep in mind these three important things. This will reduce your chances of losing in the game. If you are not winning, make sure you don’t lose either!

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