How to Play Rummy without Joker Cards?

Rummy is a card game which keeps up the levels of thrill and excitement. It is one of the most

popular card games among the fraternity of players for its intricacies and complexities. Each

card of all four suits holds the different yet significant place. But amongst all these cards, we

cannot ignore a card which plays a very crucial role- the joker card. But do you know it is

possible to play rummy even without the joker card, Surprised? 

Read on and find how to play rummy without using the joker card.

1. Precaution in Points

When it comes to making sets without the help of a joker card, the amateur players forget

what seasoned players keep in mind. The calculation of points according to their

denomination is a step that differentiates a winner player from a novice player. The

sequences are decided on the basis of the suits and numbers, with the motive of keeping the

points as low as possible. If for that cause, a player decides to drop during the initial step, it is

considered as a wise move as it saves you from upcoming penalty points.

2. The Replacement

If you are not considering the joker card while playing rummy, you can use the leftover card

that you get after dealing the cards. That leftover card can be shown to the players and can

be treated as a joker card. This is a very popular practice among rummy players. The card

works well to make melds and sequences just like a joker card would have made.

3. The Extra Care!

It is not a hidden fact that it gets super easy to arrange sequences with the presence of joker

card. But in its absence, a player should make an extremely well-thought move while playing.

Making advances with picking or dropping cards needs to be regulated and manipulated with

the sole idea of making sets of a maximum number of cards as quickly as possible.

So now that you are all set to play with or without joke, don’t stop you from trying your

hand at this game, who knows what reward is waiting for you!

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