Rummy Glossary & Terms You Must Know Before Playing

While playing Rummy online or offline, have you ever got stuck because you didn’t know what the incident or term meant? It sure happens with beginners, but sometimes it even makes a pro at this game taste defeat. Whichever game of the world you play, It is undeniably crucial to know the glossary of the terms used in the game. For instance, if you do not know what ‘dropping’ means, you will be stuck and may lose even the winning bet!

Below is the list of mandatory terms a rummy player should know:

1. Deck

A complete set of 52 cards is called a deck. A full deck has following cards:

  • 13 cards of suit Club
  • 13 cards of suit Hearts
  • 13 cards of suit Spades
  • 13 cards of suit Diamonds

2. Deal and Dealer

After tossing the complete deck of cards, one person out of the players becomes the Dealer and distributes the cards to all the players. The share of cards everyone gets is called the Deal.

3. Face Cards

All the cards of Kings, Queens, Aces and Jacks of all the four suits are called face cards.

4. Open and Closed Decks

Both the open and closed decks are used to pick a card from. It is a pile of undealt and discarded cards. When the cards are visible to players, it is called the open deck, but if it is kept upside down, it is a closed deck.

5. Discarding

The process of discarding a card back into the discarded pile of cards once you pick a card from it. One has to drop a card, every time they pick up a card.

6. Melding

Melding is the process of making sequences of the cards you have at hand. Both the pure and impure sequences are accepted as valid melds.

7. Declare

This is the conclusive step of the game. A player declares his card when he is done making the melds or sequences. Declaring brings the game to closure.

8. Paper Joker / Cut Joker

While playing rummy, the last card in the remaining pile of cards (discarded pile), one card is declared as the joker. It is used to complete set of melds and sequences.

Now that you are acquainted with the most crucial terminology of Rummy games, you are all set to play and win!!

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