Ultimate rummy winning strategies

Every card game offers an equal chance of winning and losing to all its players. This implies that when we see a player consistently winning it may not be because of the game but his own polished skills. Learning a game to the level of excellence is what makes one a spirited gamer. Playing a game and winning is what differentiates a casual player from a winning player.

If you are wondering what it takes to be a winning player, here is a list of winning strategies for you:


1. First things first

Get your priorities straight when you start a game. A perplexed head is not a preferable state of mind for a game driven by patience, calmness, and perseverance.

2. Set your set!

It is a thumb rule to set your cards at hand properly. By ‘set’ we mean the arrangement of the cards in such a way that you have the possible melds followed by any possible likely combinations and unmatched cards at the end.

3. Read!

Rummy is a game of mind and face. Make sure that during the game you are attentive enough to read and extrapolate the opponent’s move(s). Succeeding in doing so will not only increase your chances of winning but also aims to make your game better. Keep a close check on the kind of cards every opponent picked and discarded. This helps you guess the strategy of the opponents.

4. Get it straight

During the game of Rummy, the underlying principle is to reduce the total points scored by the player. You can ease the process of point reduction by discarding the cards of high denomination. But stay vigilant of which card you are discarding as may the opponent make use of it. Discarding a card is a crucial move but it has to handled carefully.

Now go try your hand with these winning tricks up your sleeve!

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