Does middle drop ever make sense?

All the pro players across the world equip themselves with a deep understanding and conditioning of rules of Rummy. Whether it is classic rummy or any other variant of the game, playing it both online and offline involves following a set of technique. Such techniques intend to make a player sharper and increase the odds of winning the Rummy round by a considerable percentage. One such technique is – middle drop.

Read on and find out how it can transform your skills and turn you into a more frequent winner!

What is a middle drop?

Middle Drop is a move in the game of rummy which enables a player to drop out of the game even when they have started playing the game. This move ensures that a player a legitimate exit from the game right after the first turn. It not only lets you exit the game but also gives you a gain of 40 points.

How does a middle drop help?

The move of the middle drop is a cover up for a bad hand of cards on a player’s side. A middle drop is a savior for the situations of indecisiveness where a player has to make a tricky choice between a losing game or an exit from the table. The unique feature of exiting a game after the first move makes it come handy in saving the reputation by not continuing with a lost bet.

Is middle drop a move of the winners?

Players who find themselves with the unfavorable hand are more likely to opt for this move. This the move usually opts in the following conditions:

  • A card sequence at hand with no melds
  • Seeking an exit from the game after first turn irrespective of the reason
  • In the need of exiting game with a gain of 40 points in existing score

So fellow players, whether you are a pro or amateur player, keep this move handy for tricky situations! Go try your hand!

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