Standard set of rules to play rummy (as opposed to house games)

Card games are super fun to play as they are entertaining and engaging. But what is it that makes a game hit? It is Fair Play. The assurance of fair play makes a game favorite among players. Quite often the rules to play a game get diluted because of various reasons. And when the dilution of rules continues to happen for decades, there comes a time when the original set of rules become forgotten into oblivion. Every ethical gamer would agree such a situation as appalling.

Do you know if you are playing the game with the original standard set of rules? Read on and find out!


  1. Ideal Player Set

The ideal count set of players can range between two to four players. But no worries if you are a bunch of six friends. The maximum player count for a game is six.

  1. Base of the game

The game of rummy can be played based on two criteria:

  • Number of deals
  • Target score

It is totally up to the wish of the players on the table that which criteria do they want to play with. Both are equally fun and thrilling.

  1. The Deck

A standard deck of 52 cards is obligatory for a fair game. An ideal deck contains the following:

  • 13 cards of suit Hearts
  • 13 cards of suit Clubs
  • 13 cards of suit Diamonds
  • 13 cards of suit Spades
  1. The Deal

A random selection determines the first player. The rest of the player selection depends upon the number of players playing. For instance:

  • 2 players: Each player takes alternate turns. Each player gets a set of 10 cards.
  • 3-4 players: the First player is chosen randomly and rest can go either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Each player is given a set of 7 cards
  • 5-6 players: the First player is chosen randomly and rest can go either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Each player is given a set of 6 cards.
  1. Three basic objects of the game


  • Meld: to make a sequence out of your set of cards which are either consecutive in rank or are the same cards of three different suits
  • Lay off: adding a consecutive card to either the beginning or the end of the meld on the table
  • Discard: using the uppermost card of the discard pile

      6. Play:

Each turn of a game follows a standard procedure of drawing, melding, laying off and discarding.

While drawing a card to your hand, be very careful that other players don’t end up seeing it by the obvious way of picking. Each player in a turn can go for one meld. While laying off is optional, discarding a card at the end of every turn is obligatory.

The winning criterion is to discard all your cards as quickly as possible by either melding or discarding, or both.

So now that you are all set with the basic set of rules, go try your hand!

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