10 surprising tactics to play Online Rummy

Who plays a game to lose? No one! There are two kinds of players- one who take losses casually and the others are very serious about their wins. This category of players always searches for all possible ways to increase their chance of winning. From trying tricks of old men to a mobile application with quick tricks of winning a deal, this new generation is curious to explore all possible ways. So why not help each other in making an army of winners well equipped with ace tricks up their sleeve.

Do you want some of them? Read on and they are all yours.

1. Instead of starting a game with the mindset of winning over every opponent, begin your game with a mindset of not losing. This shift of mindset has always been laughed at but has it is one of the mental tricks which stayed on the side of winners.

2. Understand the game you are playing. In case you are playing a variant of a game, know all the rules. Starting your game with half knowledge already lessens the chances of you winning the game.

3. Staying vigilant about your cards is just one side of an efficient game, staying observant of your opponent(s) cards, that’s what makes an ace player different from an ordinary player. An ambitious player is always attentive and sharp in his approach. A dull player can’t bring a winning closure to the game.

4. Always know the significance of the pure sequences. Having an insight of what role pure sequences play in turning the game in your favor determines a lot about your chances of winning. The fact that pure sequences are the three card combinations which do not include wild cards or a joker.

5. Know that a Joker card is not a funny inclusion in the card deck. It is the most underestimated ‘GAME TURNER’. All the players who are efficient in this game utilize the disguised power of this card.

6. Stay clear and updated about the myths and misconceptions. For instance, a lot of people perceive a sequence as a combination of only three cards, which is not true. Sometimes, one can even make a four card arrangement as a valid sequence like 4-4- 4-4. A joker card also proves to be useful in making a four-card sequence.

7. It is always advised by existing players to beginners that they should discard high-points cards. Not Always. Stay watchful of what your game demands. All the tips and tricks lead you to win only when they are applied to the right scenario. Discarding the high points cards minimizes your score as a whole but still requires you to carry on with the rest of the game wisely enough to reach to a win.

8. Make use of simple mathematics while choosing your move. You don’t need to apply the complex formula of probability, but keeping a track of cards on the basis of occurrence can help you in making a right move and can even make you capable enough to manipulate the flow of others’ moves. The game can be all yours with a little addition subtraction in your head.

9. Divide the burden of points to different halves of the game. Right after shuffling when you see your cards, organize in your mind the total points you have to let go by a certain number of moves. Don’t start discarding right at the beginning, hold on until the right moment. A little calculation multiplies your chances of winning by manifolds.

10. Stay calm. Yes, you read right. Precisely during the beginner phase, many players lose their composure and begin panicking if they are on the losing side. This happens when the mind is stubbornly stuck at the end of the game. Always keep in mind that it is a game for fun and wit. Don’t let anxiety creep in and disturb your thought process while the game is on.

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