5 Pro tips to play a winning Rummy game

Is your game not getting better or you the kind of person who doesn’t like losing? In either of this case or for any other, a few protips can really come handy for you. If wish to be on the winner’s side for the maximum times make sure you have these quick tips up your sleeve. Whether it’s your first game or millionth round, tricking the win to come to you is always a great idea.

Read on and watch yourself stepping up the ladder of winners.

1. Always check for the rules of the game. This gives a player a chance to know many crucial things like whether the joker will add to your points or reduce it. Do not trick the rules or ethics while playing, trick the players. Play with minds by strategies. 

2. It is highly recommended that a player should know what he is striving to achieve. Have a clarity about which card sequences are pure and the ones which are impure. Having an idea about the capacity of the contribution of a card sequence enables a player to decide his moves judiciously.

3. Discard high points cards like Ace, King, Queen and Joker as quickly as you can. Once you have got rid of these cards, it becomes easier to focus on making the mental strategy of your game. These cards not only inhibit your chances of winning, they also ruin your game by leaving you with high points.

4. Do not wait to make a particular card sequence. Timing is the key in rummy. The more you wait the tougher it gets for you to win. Retaining the cards and showing patience at the wrong time will only break your chances of winning. 

5. Trick the opponents to get what you want by confusing them. For instance, while forming your card sequence leave confusing clues of which card you really need to complete the sequence. Once they happen to get puzzled, the game is all yours to bait and fish your card.

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