Top 10 techniques that you must know to play Online Rummy

Learning any new skill to reach the utmost level of perfection takes a lot of time, practice, patience and perseverance. However, this journey can be shortened by incorporating few techniques. This technique not only makes a player better at the game but also helps in increasing the chances of winning.

Follow these 10 tips and watch yourself ruling online rummy!

1. Jokers should be taken seriously for a good game. Whether you are holding one or many, Jokers let you meld sequences. Also, its appearance lets you spot it if your opponent is holding it.

2. Use high cards wisely. Ace, King, Queen and Joker cards carry 10 points each. These are highly recommended as the first ones to be discarded for better chances of winning.

3. Be alert on your opponent’s turn. Their choice of the card gives you a chance to their mind. Make use of this chance and spot their strategy.

4. Arrange/ sort your cards carefully. All ace players tend to arrange and find a pure sequence in their deck.

5. Read your opponent and trace their playing pattern. It is easier to understand a player’s way of thinking by playing multiple games with them.

6. Try playing with ace players. Sketch their strategy in your mind and make attempts of predicting their move. Losing against an ace player is the best way to learn.

7. Have patience and don’t let your prejudices hit you. Restricting your winning chance because of hurry will only diminish the chances of winning.

8. Know which card is your chance to win the game. Get hold of cards which can meld with two sets of sequences and can be the great spontaneous help while playing.

9. Try to make a spare sequence. This helps you in recovering from a game slipping towards loosing and also teaches a player to tackle different strategies.

10. Play with confidence and sharpness and don’t give in to your natural impulse. Don’t over-think about a move gone wrong; focus on what you have in your hand instead.

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